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Matt Davies, Certified Instructor and FAA Certified Rigger, has put together a compilation of different training aids and instruction in this full length, full color NTSC DVD video.

Ever wonder what the secret is to getting that new canopy into the deployment bag? Matt answers that question and many more in this video.

Incorporated into this instructional video are 3D graphics explaining the RSL, parts of a parachute system, and how a 3-ring release works

  Mission Statement

It is our intention to provide our customers with a video that exceeds the current market standards for a $20 instructional DVD. We prefer to make the video more affordable to more skydivers to help reverse the alarming trend of decreasing USPA membership. By providing visual aids early on in the learning curve our videos help eliminate some frustrations that new jumpers tend to encounter as they are learning about the sport, thus, increasing the likelihood that they will continue in the sport.


Graphic explanation on how an RSL works

3D graphic that provides information on some basic components of a canopy

3D Graphic detailing how a typical 3-Ring Release system works

Highly detailed instruction on Pro-Packing a Ram-Air canopy along with Psycho (Trademark Precision Aerodynamics) and Flat packing

  Dealer Information

The main purpose of this video is to help educate as many students as possible with basic packing instructions and to give them some good general "working knowledge" of the equipment involved in sport parachuting. We offer extremely substantial discounts to drop zone owners and gear stores in the hopes of educating the masses quicker. If you are a DZO or gear store owner, you can order multiple quantities of the video for sale in your business. You can contact us HERE for more information. This video is a good supplement to a packing class.

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